Mail Room

Mail is delivered to the Mail Room located off the main lobby.There is a mailbox marked OFF for official correspondence with the Board, the Property Manager and the Resident Building Manager. There is a mailbox for outgoing mail in the new secure locker.

Packages delivered by Canada Post that are too large for the individual mailbox will be placed in secure package lockers. The mailman leaves a key identifying the parcel box in which it is placed. The Resident uses that key to retrieve the package after which the key should be deposited in the Key Return Box.

Packages delivered by other agents (Amazon, FedEx, Hello Fresh, etc.) may be delivered to your unit door but are frequently left in the mail room. Residents should retrieve these as soon as possible so as to reduce clutter and the risk of package theft.

Swimming Pool/Sauna

The indoor pool is located on the ground floor. Entry into the swimming pool area requires the use of a fob. The hours of operation are from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. seven days a week.

Bicycle Room

Owners and residents are encouraged to use the Bicycle Room which is located on Level 1 of the garage, opposite our garage door off the front courtyard. It can be accessed by using the building fob, Bikes must be registered and tagged. Forms are available in the Bike Room or can be obtained from the Bicycle Committee at Bicycles/motorbikes can be kept in your parking space but not on your balcony. Exceptions are made for personal mobility devices.There are two air pumps available, one at 32 psi and the other at 80 psi. Use of the Bicycle Room is at the owner’s own risk.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are located on every  floor for the use of all residents regardless of the floor on which their unit is located. Each room has a sink and ample storage for laundry supplies. To use the machines, residents can obtain a Smart Card. Instructions on how to purchase a Smart Card and load them are posted next to the Coinamatic Debit/Credit Machine located in the Mail Room.

Residents are advised to register their laundry card serial numbers and submit this information with your name and unit number to the 4th floor  office. This registry will be useful in identifying LOST and FOUND cards.

Garbage Chutes

There is a garbage chute near the elevator on each floor. Recycling bins for paper, cans and bottles are available in each floor’s garbage chute room, except at the ground floor, where bins are located inside Exit C.  Refer to the guidelines for the proper disposal of garbage and recyclable materials  found in the garbage rooms. There is also a green bin located at the vestibule of the Garage elevator level 1 to collect organic wastes.

Residents are responsible for the disposal of large bulky or heavy items. Similarly, the disposal of restricted items such as appliances, televisions and contaminated waste products is the resident’s responsibility. Contact the Resident Building Manager for instructions on disposal or call 311 for the nearest recycling depot.

Compostable material can be disposed of by taking them to the elevator vestibule at parking level 1.


There is a Library/Book Exchange on the 10th Floor (small room next to the Elevator) which contains a collection of hard and paperback books, magazines, and journals as well as a few CDs and DVDs, puzzles and games. This library/book exchange is based on contributions from residents and is maintained by volunteers. Access is gained by using the Laundry Room key.


The workshop is located on the P4 Level of the garage. The workshop is accessible to owners and residents by purchasing a key from the Resident Building Manager. The workshop is also home to the Seniors Hobby Group. Members of the Seniors Hobby Group, who must be knowledgeable on safe wood-working practices and who pay for a key that secures the powered machinery, may use the machines. Use of the Workshop is governed by Rule (xv).

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