Water Alarm at Park Square


At the last meeting of the Board held on May 4, 2022, a revision to our Rules was passed stating the responsibilities that owners now have in monitoring any water intrusion from their HVAC units. 

As owners are now aware, water infiltration can occur from our HVAC units during the summer/air conditioning season. The Board has  purchased these  water  alarms and they will be installed by  Andy Reaume during the week of May 16th – May 20th. Owners will be notified of their scheduled time of installation in advance.

These alarms are simple devices that a operate like a smoke detector. Once water is detected by the alarm “beeps” will be heard. 

A simple video showing exactly how these alarms work and how owners can inspect their own units can be found by doing a Google search for : 

Water Alarm Park Square or by typing this into the header of your computer: 


For further information, a Q and A info sheet is still available in the lobby display.

Our maintenance company (Baxtec) has already been here to change the filters and clear fan coil unit  drains. Checking the water alarms will become part of our bi-annual unit inspections, HVAC inspections and filter change.

Owners are again reminded of their responsibility to monitor their units through the water alarms “beep” and attend to or report any detection to Andy Reaume, our Resident Building Manager, during regular business hours. 

A final reminder that as a precaution against any unforeseen water infiltration, owners should have Water Damage Protection as part of their home insurance package.

CCC145 Board of Directors

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