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Why am I as a unit owner responsible to submit a claim for   the damages done in my unit by the blasting? Shouldn’t this be something that is the responsibility of the Board? 


By law, a condominium’s property, maintenance and repair is performed by the corporation and some by unit owners. The Condominium Declaration and by-laws outline their respective roles and responsibilities in this regard.

The Board, acting on behalf of the corporation, is only responsible for the repair and maintenance of the common elements in the building.  However, the Board acknowledges the negative impact the construction has had on private dwellings and is willing to help facilitate a collective claim process for owners through the Sub-Committee for Restoration (SCR) of the Community Working Group. 



What happens to those units that are rented? Who submits the claim, the renter or the owner? 


Rented dwellings and the damage incurred within these units is the responsibility of the landlord/owner.  The owner is responsible for the tenant-landlord relationship and should endeavour to obtain the necessary documentation and information to support their claim.  It is in the best interest of renters to immediately report to their landlord any suspected damage to avoid potentially mistakenly being held responsible for it upon the termination of their lease.



What do I have to do now?


At this time, we ask that you identify and document any damage you feel may be as a result of the Claridge construction project.  Please keep these in a safe place.  We will inform you of next steps and what to do with that information, once we have clarity on the claim process.  



Do I have to submit a claim in this process? Can I pursue my own claim with my own insurance company?   


As an owner you can exercise your right to use your private insurance to repair the damages at any time where damages are incurred.  Your participation in this claim process is completely voluntary. 



I already submitted a photo of the damages done to my unit to Claridge, plus the details of the date and time that I think they happened (e.g something fell off a shelf, kitchen surface is not level, floorboards are buckling etc.).  Do I have to resubmit my claim with this process or will what I have already submitted be accepted? 


We will confirm with Claridge to see the outcome of this request.  We anticipate that you may have to resubmit the documentation in order to ensure that your claim is prioritized along with others from the building. 



I already have a contractor who I know and trust – can I use him to do my repairs and submit a claim to Claridge?


At this time, we cannot confirm that Claridge will reimburse any out of pocket costs you incur.  As an owner you have the option to continue with your repairs without the benefit of a reimbursement or you can choose to participate in the collective process.  Once we have understood the claim requirements, including any contract restrictions from Claridge, we will clarify if third party contractors will be allowed to complete repairs and if you will be reimbursed for these expenses.   



In light of the Covid-19 situation, what safety procedures will be mandated before any contractor can enter my unit and then perform the required work? What assurances do we have that proper disinfection protocol will be followed by all contractors who will be on site? 


The Board and DES will ensure that all COVID-19 mitigation measures identified by Ottawa Public Health authorities at the time of the repairs will be taken for all work undertaken by Claridge or any other organization within the building. As per the message sent by DES, we expect DES and the Board to verify that these protocols are being met by contractors.  If you fall into the vulnerable population where health issues need to be addressed, DES and the Board will endeavor to ensure that more specific measures are taken within your unit.     



What will Claridge do to prep, pay for secondary repairs and painting, or to address poor workmanship?  


We are endeavouring to understand the claim requirements from Claridge and will clarify the scope of repairs allowed including secondary damage and repainting after repairs are completed.

SCR Letter to Owners October 17, 2020 – Download

Sub-Committee for Restoration (SCR) Damage Claim Submission (3) (2) – Download

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