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The official name of Park Square is Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 145 (CCC145). It is a non-profit corporation created under and governed by the Condominium Act. 1998. Its five-person elected Board of Directors has a duty to control, manage and administer the assets and common elements of the corporation on behalf of the owners.

This guide provides an overview of issues you should be aware of while living in our community. However, you should familiarize yourself with the building Declaration and rules and policies at the above sources. 

Common Elements

Common elements include the entryway, lobby, mailroom, pool, elevators, hallways, workshop, and the infrastructure of the building. They also include the in-unit HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) devices, the exterior doors and windows and your balcony. None can be modified without the written permission of the Board. Balconies, assigned parking spaces, and other structures in your condo are exclusive-use common elements but the same rules apply.


Park Square carries insurance to cover damage to common elements or to individual units damaged through no fault of the unit owner or tenant. However, it does not cover restoration to owner improvements, furniture or other personal possessions, damage caused by the resident or third-party liability for accidents within a unit. You should have your own insurance to cover these events, including water damage coverage.


Security is everyone’s business! Our electronic entry system allows visitors to call using a 4-digit code assigned to your unit. After confirming identity, you can allow entry by pressing 9 on your phone. If you have cable television, you can see who is at the front door on Rogers Channel 998. If you don’t recognize the person calling you or if you are not expecting a delivery, you should not allow people entry.

When you enter the building using your key fob, you should not allow anyone to enter behind you without determining they have a fob of their own, either by observation or politely asking. If they are visiting, please direct them to use the entry system. 

Bicycle Room

Bicycles can be stored in our secure bike room located on the first floor of the public garage, near our garage entrance. Bikes must be registered and tagged. Forms are available in the Bike Room or can be obtained by contacting the Bicycle Committee at Bicycles or motor bikes can also be kept in your own parking space but cannot be stored on your balcony. Exceptions are made for personal mobility devices.


Pets are allowed in Park Square but must not exceed 10.5 kg (25 pounds) nor be considered exotic (no lowland gorillas, please!). Common sense rules apply (quiet, non-aggressive, etc.) and all pets must be registered with the Property Manager. Exemptions to the weight limit can be made for service animals but a doctor’s certificate and application to the Board is required.

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No smoking of any kind (tobacco, cannabis or vaping products) is allowed in units, on balconies, in common elements or on the corporation’s grounds. 

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HVAC System and Water detectors

The HVAC system provides heat during the winter months and cooling during the summer months. The switchover occurs, generally in October and May. The units are inspected twice a year and filters are changed, drains cleaned and any repairs made at that time. During the cooling months, water condensation may exceed the capacity of the drainage system or the drains may become blocked. Water detectors were installed in the units in 2022. If the detectors sound, residents can attempt to remove the water but, in any case, should contact the Resident Building Superintendent during regular business hours. On weekends, call the emergency number.

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You can expect regular communication from the Board, by mail where legally required or by email for other business. Contact the Property Manager to be added to the email list. Urgent notices including access requests will be placed under doors. There are also Notice boards in the mail room, a telephone directory of those willing to be included and a quarterly newsletter. 

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Elevators must be booked with the Building Superintendent for move-ins and move-outs or substantial deliveries (large furniture or appliances, construction materials). A fee may apply.

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Park Square has committees to assist the Board, including the Environment (PSEC), Gardening, Social, Communications and Community Working Group. Volunteers welcome!

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Renovations to units must occur between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday and 9-4 on Saturday. Owners must follow the rules set out in the Renovation/Restoration Guidelines. Contact the Property Manager before beginning any renovation.

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Contact the Board, the Property Manager or the Building Superintendent. Link to Contact Us page

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